Marine Aquariums

Marine reef aquarium

In recent years the marine aquarium has been made more accessile due to the availability of the 'Nano Aquarium'. These aquariums have been carefully thought out by leading manuafacturers utilising the latest tenchnology to take out the guess work of how to construct a viable and successful underwater reef aquarium. Typically these aquariums are small to medium in size containing on average between 50 to 150 litres and come complete with all the equipment necessary to maintain a thriving reef, supporting beautiful corrals and fish.

Keeping a marine aquarium is unlike keeping a freshwater aquarium because of the key differences between saltwater and freshwater, resulting in different species and inhabitants. A sufficient marine aquarium generally requires more equipment when compared to a freshwater tank as well as also requiring a higher level of maintenance with regards to the water quality and consistancy. The different types of species available for marine aquariums are often harder to obtain and they usually cost more than those species found in freshwater tanks. On the flip side though, the species found in saltwater aquariums can be more vibrant, and more colourful than those found in freshwater aquariums.


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